Hello Beautiful, how are you?

I’m Jessica. Usually referred to as Jess, Jessie or Jessy-Lou, but you can call me whatever you like – I love a good new nickname (within reason!) 

Gratitude is an important part of my daily life, and I’m a big supporter of self-care (boy do I need my sleep!) 

I’m on board with all this juicing malarkey and could rave all day about seafood & plants (much to the dismay of most of my friends), but I also keep it real with my super weakness for crisps (or ‘chips’ as they’re called over in Oz). 

I believe balance & moderation are key in almost all elements in life. Yoga has transformed my life – you should really give it a go! Swimming is my favourite workout (I don’t do gyms)! Every time I get in the water I get the strong sense I must have been a fish in a former life. And then there’s dancing – I’ve dabbled in a variety of styles since childhood, with adult ballet being the most recent. And I have high hopes of shimmying around a dance floor one day doing the Argentine Tango – a desire stirred many moons ago by a red-dressed, Latino man & woman that were leg flicking their way beautifully under some building site on a TV advert. 

As a former PA extraordinaire (what I’d simply describe as ‘organising unorganised (wo)men’), I love planning and sorting almost anything! However, I’m definitely getting better at this spontaneity thing, especially after my recent experience living down under in Australia for 6 months. 

Travel is a huge part of my life. I would spend money on plane tickets & car hire over anything else. The spark was ignited when I embarked on my first ever road trip with my original travel companion, Vanessa: Flying down Route 66, aged 21, in a red Ford Mustang. Perhaps cliché for some, but a dream for us (Britney Spears in Crossroads anyone?!) 

Let’s get real for a second… Life certainly isn’t always all happy clappy. 

As a PTSD survivor and previous full time carer to my loving father who has experienced living with dual depression & anxiety and psychosis, with 2 attempted suicides, I’m a strong supporter of any positive work surrounding mental health, suicide prevention and help for carers. 

Life is a journey and the last 2 years have certainly presented one littered with big challenges for me & my loved ones, but I am grateful for the opportunity to heal myself and others through writing. Join me for the good, the bad & the beautiful, as I do my best to openly share my experience of mental health and suggest ways to actively encourage the creation & retention of a healthy & happy mind.  

Unfortunately I don’t have all the answers or a magic cure just yet, but I hope this site & the posts within it manage to create awareness, provide comfort to those suffering with or personally affected by any form of mental health, and act as a reminder to all that life can, and should, go on. I believe in you! 

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