I’m going SOBER for a whole year! Yes you read correctly – NO ALCOHOL up until my birthday on 19 Jan 2019! 

Read why in my blog post Sober2018 or tune in to my interview with Letitia George on The C Word, BBC Cov & Warks (listen in at 1:17:42 – 1:34:00)

If you’d like to ‘buy me a drink’ for completing the year and help me to raise funds for Rethink Mental Illness, visit the link below! 

Thank you for your support during the last year & beyond! ♡

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Hello Beautiful, how are you?

No, but seriously, how are you? I’m all ears & genuinely want to know. 

So how are you really

Whatever feeling you’re experiencing right now on the vast & varied spectrum of life, you’re more than welcome here! 

Having experienced living with PTSD, and seeing my father suffer through depression, anxiety, psychosis and 2 attempted suicides, I know that life isn’t always easy. Since being first on the scene of a fatal road accident in December 2015, and caring for my father full time the following year, I’ve learnt just how crucial talking & sharing really are, for both ourselves & others. 

Whether you’ve been personally affected by mental illness or are just in need of some inspiration & encouragement with your wellbeing, then you’re in the right place! Every single one of us has mental health. And we could all benefit significantly by taking better care of our minds. 

Unfortunately I don’t have all the answers or a magic cure just yet, but I hope that this site & the posts within it manage to create awareness, provide comfort to those suffering with or personally affected by any form of mental illness, and act as a reminder to all that life can, and should, go on.

My arms (read wings) are always wide open, offering endless virtual hugs for those of you who need reminding that it’s ok to not be ok, and that you’re not alone!
(I hope you can feel the squeeze!) 

So, with all that said… 


And please remember – I believe in you! 


“By healing through your own pain, you’ll help to heal others” 


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