Below are just some of the amazing things friends & loved ones did during the months of Dad’s depression, psychosis & suicide attempts. They might sound simple, but they made such a huge difference to mine & Mum’s wellbeing, and I will forever be grateful for them.

The people you spend most of your time with will greatly affect your day-to-day life. 

Choosing to surround yourself with the following kinds of people will certainly make each day of your life more meaningful, but when the true tests in life strike, their presence will be invaluable.

△ Those who give you a key to their house to use whenever you need a break or space, even when they’re not there.

△ Those who act as your own personal taxi service to & from all the hospital visits so you don’t have to go alone or worry about trivial things, such as parking.

△ Those who travel far to get to you in rush hour after a busy day/week at work, just to give you a hug.

△ Those who try calling you but can’t get through so they leave consoling voicemails just so that you can hear their soothing voice and replay their calming words over & over again whenever you need comfort.

△ Those who are more religiously inclined than you who pray for you & your loved ones.

△ Those who take you out for lunches or cake, and offer a listening ear or a fun distraction.

△ The little ones that give you endless hugs and tell you on various occasions that they love you and that they wish you were part of their family because you’re so kind and they don’t know what they’d do without you.

△ Those who always pick up the phone and make time for you without fail, even though they know they’ll most likely be met by despair & uncontrollable tears, and even though they have their own life troubles going on.

△ Those who send you kind messages just to check in, even if you didn’t respond to their last one(s).

△ Those who use their holiday or days off to travel up / down the country to pop in and see how you’re doing, and to give you a break.

Be choosy with your tribe, they honestly do attract your vibe.

The world is full of billions of people (billions!): don’t settle for those who don’t light you up or always recognise your best self, even through the darkest times! We all deserve unconditional love & friendship through both the good & bad times in life. Surround yourself with people who remind you just how brilliant & valuable you are, especially when you can’t seem to remember yourself.

If we always show gratitude for acts of kindness like the above, they’ll keep showing up when we need them most. I promise.

And for when you do feel really alone or at the edge of despair, no matter how many lovely people are around you, you might benefit from an objective or professional ear: Help Is Here

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