I might not have made the whole three day Wellbeing Festival as planned (read why & the important message I received instead here), but it turns out that one day at MindBodySpirit was more than magical enough!

Here are the main nuggets of wisdom that I gained from the day: 

Allow yourself to venture to new places – new environments present new experiences, provide new opportunities, create new ways of thinking, and open you up to potential new friendships.

Bask as long as possible in safe spaces – hang out where there are like-minded people on similar journeys.

 Be mindful & aware wherever you go, so that you can soak up all of the good stuff deep into your core – there were crowds, but they were calm and full of high vibe energy, which was soothing & exciting all in one.

△ Energy is a thing! Your vibrations greatly affect those around you. Be mindful of yours.

 Treat yourself to things that light you up and make you feel good – Rebecca Campbell’s book ‘Light Is The New Black’ is definitely in my top 10 most inspirational & motivational pile of books, so when I discovered Rebecca would be speaking at this particular Wellbeing Festival, I wasted no time in booking on to her workshop.

 It’s ok to not be ok and tears are not a sign of weakness – Rebecca created a safe & sacred space for healing waters to flow freely, soul awakenings to occur and creative connections to be made. More than half the room was filled with watery eyes and tear-streaked faces after one powerfully freeing meditation, but these were accompanied by an abundance of smiles, big hearts and acceptance.

△ Meditate – even if only for a couple of minutes. I have been out of practice lately, but I understand & appreciate the huge difference & benefits meditation can have on my day, even if it’s only for 5-10 minutes first thing in the morning. It sets me up to be calmer, clearer-headed, more focused & less easily affected by the whirlwind of life that surrounds us. There’s an endless world of easily accessible & free meditations on YouTube to get you started.

 Breathe – deeper. And again. Rebecca kept reminding us throughout her workshop to breathe. I wish I could hire someone to walk around with me everyday and prompt me to keep taking big deep breaths!… And again!


 Everything is in divine order – people come in to your life at exactly the right time, whether for a reason, a season or a lifetime (even if you can’t make sense of it in the moment).

 Listen to your intuition (that gut feeling or niggle deep inside) –I crossed paths with a beautiful soul, Sonia Anne, and formed a valuable new friendship. Both Sonia and I had a strong sense we should work together when we were asked to pair up with someone for group work. We were drawn towards one another and soon discovered that listening to our intuitions meant we’d both made an important new friend for life.

 Sonia is a mindset coach and natural healer. She informed me that my throat chakra really stood out to her, suggesting that I have an important message to share with people… She was so excited to hear about my blog!

It can often only take one tiny moment or a few simple words to completely transform your mood and outlook, no matter how long you’ve been feeling the way that you have, or to give you the reassurance that you need, to know that you’re on the right path. I finally took the plunge and had my very first psychic reading (it just felt like the right time & place to do so). Meeting Maggie was the biggest gift I could have given myself at this specific point in my life.

 You could not have made a better choice than the one you chose in each & every moment.
Be gentle with yourself and remember that – Andrew Knight’s talk on ‘Healing the life events you have lived beyond but not resolved’ was a great comfort and made me feel understood. Andrew explained how trauma triggers can often cause regular scenarios, such as uncontrollable tears over cornflakes because someone’s innocently asked you to pass them a bowl, or something equally as simple, but it’s stirred deep-rooted issues or caused painful flashbacks. It was both amusing and completely relatable.

 Once healing is underway, you will feel the clarity of no longer having negative overlays on experiences and memories. You will still be able to keep the learning that the experience gave you. The first step is to find the right healing for you.

 It all starts with sleep – Saying 30 affirmations to yourself just before bed, either within or without, can make a huge difference to your mindset and therefore your quality of sleep. This in turn sets you up well for the next day.

 A smile is the quickest, cheapest, easiest gift you can give to someone else and yourself. Spread them around like wildfire! You never know whose day you could be making.

 The second quickest, cheapest, easiest gift you can give someone else is a Thank You. Politeness is a wonderful thing, and if you feel the words as much as you hear them, the magic of gratitude will kick in and you’ll start attracting more things to be thankful for.

 Spread your wings and do more of what lights you up and feels good for your soul. No excuses:
I don’t have time – make time (you have just as much as everyone else on this planet)
I can’t really afford it – save up (do without all those takeaways or coffees or new clothes for a few weeks)
I’m scared – fear is far less scary and much more temporary than regret (I can not stress this one enough)
Make it happen! You never know where or to whom it could lead you!


What nuggets of wisdom can you relate to on this list, or what nuggets of your own do you find beneficial?
What one thing, big or small, could you do today, tomorrow or this week to look after you, to light you up and to work towards being the best version of yourself that you can be?

Go on!

I believe in you! 

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