Trigger warning: Although not detailed, this post may be triggering for anyone affected by suicide.

I’ve felt so incredibly sad & disheartened to hear of more lives lost to suicide over the past month – both celebrities, complete strangers & even those close to dear friends.

Suicide is real. It’s scary. And it’s heart-breaking. 
But more importantly, it doesn’t need to keep happening. 

In honour of the lives lost, and the lasting effects that dying in this way has on those left behind, With Open Wings’ first guest post comes in the form of an original poem about an attempted suicide by Charlotte Underwood, a passionate mental health advocate & writer.

Having lost her beloved father to suicide at 18, and facing her own mental health challenges & attempts to end her life since, Charlotte seeks to end the stigma attached to mental health and raise awareness for suicide prevention. 

Charlotte does this by continuing to bravely share the complex layers of her story in a passionate & hopeful tone, while encouraging those in need of support to ask for it.

I first discovered Charlotte’s work via her engaging & relatable Twitter posts. I’d check her feed daily in search of comfort & inspiration, following Dad’s suicide attempts, and remember thinking, ‘This girl just gets it.’

As a fellow anxiety sufferer and carer for her husband who lives with epilepsy, Charlotte understands how vital it is for us to talk openly & honestly about our mental health.



One, Two, Three.
Four, Five, Six.
No turning back,
I’ve made my choice.

Burning eyes wide open,
Assembling my weakened grasp,
Death did not collect.
Breathing shallow; I’m still here.

Last eve, the seal was broken,
But the reaper did not clasp.
Relief. I reflect.
A new start, belated New Year.

Reborn through the void,
Strength, power, I did find.
I’m not defined: ignore Freud.
Resilience, part of me, humankind.

Alive. The future will come,
I will see tomorrow’s sun.

Charlotte Underwood
Charlotte’s Blog
Charlotte’s Twitter


It’s ok to not be ok, but please reach out for help if you need it:
Help is Here 
/ Let’s Talk
You are brave. You are strong. Your life is worth living. 

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