This place was quite literally the definition of mind-blowing.

If I wasn’t already, I’m in absolute awe of the code-breakers that were crucial to our victory in the Second World War. Though despite the hundreds of plaques we read and videos we watched, my brain still couldn’t quite fathom just how (?!) Even Mum, with her mathematically minded brain and super high IQ, looked absolutely frazzled and in pain at trying to comprehend it all.

What I did learn however, or what I was reminded of were the following:

1. The importance of play & exercise alongside hard work, for the benefits of productivity.
I think we all need to return to working and playing once again like our lives depended on it ~ whether playing or resting, exercising or getting creative. You wouldn’t expect your car to keep going without stopping to refuel. You are strong & powerful dear one, but you can’t run on an empty tank. No-one can.

“…We used to climb on top of the wall and watch the tennis… It really was very good.”



2. Rest & recuperation time with a sprinkling of fresh air is vital to be able to function
It’s easy to get carried away and feel guilty when you’re not ‘doing’ all the time, especially while being unemployed or without constant structure and routine. Allowing yourself a break to rest can make many of us feel like we’re being lazy or wasting time, but this is your ego telling you lies! You are human. You need to rest and recharge in order to be able to function properly and do all the things you want to do, and to do them well. Regularly schedule in you-time to your week, or time For Unattached Nothingness.

“…if I feel peculiarly drowsy, I have only to stick my head out of the window for a moment to recover.”

3.The importance of doing work you love and enjoy.
In this way you thrive and encourage others to do the same.
Start to celebrate your own victories, and those of others around you. Reflection & recognition always boost morale.

“Thank you… for the magnificent services which have been rendered to the Allied cause. I am very well aware of the immense amount of work and effort which has been involved. I fully realise also the numerous setbacks and difficulties with which you have had to contend and how you have always, by your supreme efforts, overcome them. The intelligence which has emanated from you… has been of priceless value to me. It has saved thousands of British and American lives. I should be very grateful, therefore, if you would express to each and everyone of those engaged in this work from me personally my heartfelt admiration and sincere thanks for their very decisive contribution to the Allied war effort.”



“There is this enormous excitement in codebreaking that what appears to be utter gibberish really makes sense only if you have the key and I could do that sort of thing for 30 hours at a stretch and never feel tired.”

















4.The need for everyone to do their bit with recycling and not littering.
I still can’t get my head around the reasons why people litter. Is it simply ignorance or laziness, or a little of both? If people in the middle of a world war can do their bit for the planet then we certainly have no excuses not to!! Although we can not change the actions of others, we can lead by example and do our bit for this beautiful home of ours that we call Earth ~ by recycling, being mindful of how we dispose of any items, picking up litter when we see it.

Vast quantities of waste paper are still being lost through downright indifference.  Everybody must help – every member of the family, the local authority and the dustman. If all do their bit ample supplies of waste paper can be saved.”













5. Use it, or lose it.

Our minds & mental health matters! Although not as sharp as it previously was for quite some time, due to the emotional traumas it endured, my photographic and short term memory are improving once again, and retaining information is no longer a constant challenge. I was as patient with myself as possible during this time, going at my own pace and not that of those around me. Now it is less constantly alert, I’ve become aware of when it starts to overthink and/or fester on unhealthy and negative thought patterns. I try to replace this with action (both physical & mental) and have started trying new activities ~ learning Spanish, macrame & bullet journalling via online tutorials and then having a go myself.
Start to recognise when your mind needs a break or when it needs a new challenge. What are you doing to clear out negative thought patterns, or to train & challenge your mind?

Try something new

Seek Health with Eagerness.  If you want to reach happiness… seek help with the eagerness with which so many foolish men have sought gold. Good health is the real riches: it is up to you to get it and to keep it. Don’t think you are too old to begin. And just how fit you can become you probably haven’t yet found out.” 













We left Bletchley in utter admiration, full of gratitude and with reverential respect.

I’m a bit of a history geek, but it was truly incredible getting to wander around the grounds and actually explore inside some of the huts that have been faithfully restored to bring to life the WW2 ambience. Seeing the cipher machines and getting to have a go at some of the different tasks & techniques the Codebreakers tackled on a daily basis was definitely fun, albeit challenging! I highly recommend a visit: Home of the Codebreakers Your ticket even allows you unlimited free returns for a year (which our brains will tell you is necessary!)

Which one of the 5 lessons are you going to take away and implement into your week :)?… I’d love to hear in the comments below.

Whatever you do, here’s to a beautiful September for each & every one of you!


2 Replies to “5 Lessons from Bletchley Park”

  1. Javi Lopez says:

    I liked number 3 a lot. Finding work that I’m passionate about and that will benefit society at the same time. Yes, I love food soooo much but i love helping people out even more so I would love to get into the motivational industry whether it be coaching sports or being a personal trainer (both mental and physical). I must retire from the restaurant industry 😭. But I realize in the future I can have a restaurant of my own if I’m succesful on my calling 🙏

    1. Jessica Phillips says:

      Thanks Javi! I’m glad 3 resonated. What small steps can you take towards gaining your dream job today :)? It’s all about breaking it down.
      And words are powerful!… Replace ‘if’ with ‘when’ my friend!
      Wishing you all success! 🙏

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