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My thoughts and prayers are with Australia and the entirety of Planet Earth at the start of this new decade, as we are being given an unavoidable wake up call by Mother Nature herself.

I do believe the Angels ~ Soul ~ Source ~ Spirit Guides ~ Universe are simply reaffirming through these cards, the strong and clear message we are receiving from her at this time.



Your first card, from Rebecca Campbell’s Work Your Light oracle deck –

T H E  G R E A T  G A T H E R I N G
It’s all coming together. Intuitive hits. Soul tribe. 

This is an ACTIVATION card.
It is time to activate who you are at soul level. Soul contracts that have been made in past lives, soul gifts that you have developed, past-life experiences gained over lifetimes, soul agreements, vows taken, things rising to be healed, and qualities that are ready to be remembered and activated from WITHIN now.

You are part of a connected group of souls who agreed to be here at this time in history to heal yourself, your ancestral line and the planet. You are now being called forward to raise consciousness so that we can all continue to call this magnificent place home. You are a conscious being choosing to devote your life to something greater than yourself.

It is time to call in your tribe, either by leading them or becoming part of a group that can help you with your soul’s personal mission. Share your soul’s voice and let yourself be seen. You are your tribe; they are just like you. And just as you are longing and searching for them, they are longing and searching for you too.

Soul activation affirmation: I choose now to let myself be seen. I am ready to call in my soul tribe and create a web of light all over the planet. 


Your second card, from Kyle Gray’s Angel Prayers oracle deck –

S Y N C H R O N I C I T Y 

There is a reason for some of the experiences you’ve been going through recently. There are no coincidences in life – only ‘God-incidences’ – everything is perfectly timed by the Universe.

Trust that your Angels are sending you positive, divine guidance at this time through people and situations. Allow the path to reveal itself to you and take you forwards one step at a time until you’re where you need to be.

If you’ve been waiting for the perfect time to begin or even end a project, know that there are synchronistic events occurring right now to show you the truth of the situation. 

Angel affirmation: Thank you Angels, I trust your well-timed guidance and signs. 

Δ My Personal Interpretation Δ

Sweet souls, quite simply – it is time for us all to wake up.
I don’t know about you, but of all the disasters we’ve ever faced and overcome as a species, even just in my short lifetime so far, this one feels different somehow.

It is devastating what’s happening with the Australian bush fires, but if you remove each and every one of us for a second, there’s some kind of magnificent powerful beauty about what’s happening. Just Mother Earth and her elements, dancing with the cosmos. She does not wish to harm anyone, she is simply giving us a chance to start over and do things differently. Working with her, not against her.

Please let’s take it.

The last time the planetary alignments were as they are now was 9/11, the start of the first world war, the end of the second world war, and the great recession. We are experiencing one big cosmic shake up right now – one that I believe highlights and reflects back to us where we’re going wrong as a race at this moment in time. As with any relationship, it’s a two way exchange – We destroy her, she’ll destroy us. We respect her, she’ll respect us.

It is not for me or anyone else to tell you how to live your life, but if you feel affected in any way by what’s happening in our world right now then make 2020 the year you commit to making lifestyle changes,
to dismissing ignorance as an option, undertaking your own research and making informed decisions that are truly going to heal and nourish our home and ourselves.
It is time dear one. 

We are all energy. I’ve come to learn that we never truly cease to exist. We simply shift, change form or come back as other souls. My heart breaks for all of the lives lost in this devastation, but I truly believe all of those beautiful animals are coming back as our children – the next generation to help us do all of this a little better. Let’s please give them a helping hand and head-start.

We need to stop pointing fingers or placing blame elsewhere. Instead, let’s choose to take responsibility for our own individual actions and focus forward on ensuring it doesn’t keep happening.

I made a commitment to take more authentic action this year, and sometimes that means embracing our shadow side. Well this is it beautiful souls… What’s happening in our world right now is all of our shadow sides combined on an astronomical level! Seeking attention. Requiring nurturing. Needing tending to.

The positive?… We all have the power to make the most magnificent and beautiful change for ourselves, all beings, our home and future generations. How could we not take it while we’re still here? 

It is never too late for us to start over.
Start with you.
Be a witness to what you’re purchasing. Look at what you’re consuming.
Take note of your daily habits.
Think about what truly matters to you in this life.
Start synchronising with yourself and the planet.
Don’t look outside of yourself for these changes.
Be the change. Lead by example.
And please, oh please, start remembering how life-alteringly powerful you are.

It is time now for us to gather.


Crystals to work with for hope, strength and synchronicity (pictured above, clockwise):
Rutilated Quartz | Aventurine | Moonstone | Rose Quartz | Amazonite | Labradorite.


Thank you for sharing this message if it resonates with you.

Love, light and many blessings for 2020!

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  1. Liz Roberta says:

    Beautiful, beautiful words Jessica! 😍✨

    1. Jessica Phillips says:

      Thank you darling soul! ✨ x

  2. Greate article. Keep writing such kind of info on your blog.

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